Amiga 600 - March 1992 (Commodore)
In 1992 March Commodore released its most compact Amiga, the A600. It is so small that it has no numeric keypad either. The A600 gives the same performance as an A500 Plus with an IDE hard disk controller. Moreover its different kind of expansion slots give even more limited expandability and are incompatible with the existing ones in the Amiga family. This made many Amiga users not considering the A600 as a leap forward.

68000 @ 7 MHz 68020 @ 14-25 MHz 68030 @ 33-50 MHz
All A600s have a 68000 @ 7.14 MHz soldered to its motherboard.
The A600's expansion slots are designed to not support processor card upgrades at all. Even its 68000 is not socketed which would allow the easy connection of a processor board. The only solution is to place the board on top of the 68000 with a mirrored CPU socket.

up to 2 MB Chip RAM up to 32 MB Fast RAM on processor boards up to 4 MB Fast RAM on PCMCIA cards
The A600 has 1 MB Chip RAM on its motherboard which can be expanded to 2 MB via the trapdoor slot.
Fast RAM can be added either via the PCMCIA slot or via using a processor board.

Custom chips
Fat Agnus - ECS display controller Super Denise - ECS display encoder Paula - audio and I/O controller Gayle - system address decoder and IDE controller
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