Crowd Funding

Status codes:
S=Successful, U=Unsuccessful,
DP=Delivered partially, DF=Delivered Fully, P=Problems (see descirption)

01. Title (Donation, Currency, Payment System). S/U, DP, DF, P
Short description + Date.
What kind of bonuses?
Extra info!



10. Commodore Amiga: a Visual Commpendium (50+5 GBP).S,
Book. 2014-11-12
Both Amiga and C64 books. 1 full set of 'Demo Scene' postcards. 1 Full set of 'Loader' postcards.
Name in book. Access to updates. PDF version of book. Exclusive handwritten demo scene postcard within
books. + extras...

09. Memobottle (44+12=56 USD).S,
Waterbottle. 2014-10-12
2 A5 memobottles with black or white lids.
Thank you card.

08. Star Trek: Axanar (25 USD).S
Indie movie. 2014-08-26
Name in backers page, Donors only facebook group, Name on donor wall,
Copy of script in PDF, Official illustrated script in PDF, digital download of movie.

07. Witchmarsh (30 usd, via Paypal). S, P
Indie game. 2014-06-16
Rank 3 - Bard. Digital download of soundtrack. Double pack of game (+steam keys)
Bronze beta key. Spoiler free digital map (pdf). Wallpapers & pdf instruction book.

06. A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online (10 USD). S,
Book. 2014-05-25
Digital version of book (PDF) (delivered!)

05. Universim (65 USD). S
Indie Game (simumaltion) 2014-05-24.
Discovery Rover, Exclusive kickstarter design. All previous tiers.
Mystery Planet. Obervatory-Luna 1987. Crytivo Industries Lab Extention.
Guard Satellite-Star Keeper.
Beta Access. Digital Artbook. Wallpapers. Soundtrack. Digital manual.

04. Planets3 ($35 + 10 + 20 = 65). S
Indie Game (scifi, cube world, rpg), 2014-04-06.
2 Digital copies of game (+1), 2 private beta access (+1),
2 Alpha access (+1), + a set of 3 pets that will help you in the game.

03. Galactic Princess (£30). S
Indie Game (scifi, pixel art), 2014-03-15.
Digital artbook & PDF guide + Beta access + DRM free copy of game
+Name in credits.
Alpha delivered via Steam.

02. Outerlands: Season One ($25). S,
TV-show about gaming & Gamers, 2014-02-15.
Tier 2. Digital download of the entire documentary series. Name in credits.
Access to backers only livestream updates.

01. Survivor - a scifi short film starring Kevin Sorbo, ($15). S,
Film, 2014-02-08.
Digital download 1080p. Includes digital download of soundtrack & hi-res PDF poster.


01. Planet Centauri - 2D procedural sandbox game (13 USD)
DRM free version of game + Steam key, Beta access, Exclusive HD Wallpaper

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