Amiga 3000 - 1990 (Commodore)
In 1990 Commodore released its first 32 bit system featuring the ECS chip set. The first models had 16 MHz motherboard, later 25 MHz. The A3000UX is based around the 25 MHz model. It shipped with AT&T Unix System V Release 4 operating system instead of AmigaOS, a three button mouse, and usually with the A3070 tape streamer, the A2410 graphics card and the A2065 Ethernet card installed.

68030 @ 16-25 MHz
68040 @ 25-40 MHz

68060 @ 50 MHz

PowerPC 604e @ 150-233 MHz

All A3000 has a 68030 processor and a floating point unit soldered to its motherboard. The A3000-16 uses 68030 and 68881 @ 16 MHz while the A3000-25 uses 68030 and 68882 @ 25 MHz. Upgrading the processor requires the use of a processor card.
The A3000s shipped with empty processor card slots.

up to 2 MB Chip RAM up to 16 MB Fast RAM on motherboard up to 128 MB Fast RAM on processor cards up to 1 GB Fast RAM on Zorro III expansion cards

All A3000s have 1 MB Chip RAM (eight 44256k 120 ns DRAM DIPs) soldered to their motherboard. Eight 20 pin DIP sockets accept another 1 MB.
Fast RAM can be installed either via DIPs or ZIPs. Eight 20 pin DIP DRAM sockets accept 4 MB and 32 ZIP sockets accept 16 MB Fast RAM. The ZIP sockets are split into four banks (bank 0-3), where the first bank is hardwired to the DIP Fast RAM sockets (bank 0). Thus the two types of Fast RAM cannot be used together in bank 0. The ZIP DRAM sockets accept either 1M×4 or 256k×4 80 ns ZIPs in groups of eight (one bank) but all the banks have to have the same sized chips. The RAM chips can be either static column or page mode ones. Static column ones support burst memory access and so they perform 10% faster.

Many A3000s shipped with 1 MB 80 ns Fast RAM installed in the DIP sockets, which were intended to be moved to the empty Chip RAM sockets later on.

Custom chips
Fat Agnus - ECS display controller Super Denise - ECS display encoder Amber - display enhancer Paula - audio and I/O controller Fat Gary - system address decoder Fat Buster - DMA arbitrary controller Ramsey - RAM controller Super DMAC - DMA controller
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