Amiga 1000 - Juli 1985 (Commodore)
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The A1000 has a socketed 68000 @ 7.09 MHz (PAL) or 7.16 MHz (NTSC). Upgrading the processor requires the use of a processor board. Many boards designed for the A500 works perfectly in the A1000, either connected to the side expansion port or to the 68000 socket.

256 kB Kickstart RAM (Writable Control Store) up to 1 MB Chip RAM up to 32 MB Fast RAM on processor cards up to 8 MB Fast RAM on side expansion cards
The A1000 has 256 kB Chip RAM soldered to its motherboard which can be expanded to 512 kB with a memory expansion card. Chip RAM can be expanded to 1 MB with third party expansions.
Fast RAM can be added either via the side expansion connector or via processor boards.

Custom chips
Agnus - OCS display controller,
Denise - OCS graphics coprocessor,
Paula - audio and I/O controller,
Gary - system address decoder