Amiga 1200 - Dec 1992 (Commodore)
A1200 by Commodore , A1200 by Amiga Technologies

In 1992 December Commodore released the A1200, its most popular Amiga model, based on the AGA chip set. From 1994 April to 1995 May no Amigas were produced when the new owner, Escom, created a division called Amiga Technologies and restarted the production of the A1200 and A4000T.

All A1200s have a 68EC020 @ 14.28 MHz soldered to their motherboard. Upgrading the processor requires the use of a processor card which can be installed into the trapdoor slot. A 68881 or 68882 floating point unit can be installed on the motherboard, but no socket is provided.

2 MB Chip RAM,
up to 256 MB Fast RAM on processor cards,
up to 4 MB Fast RAM on PCMCIA cards,

The A1200 has 2 MB 70 ns Chip RAM soldered to its motherboard which could not be expanded further.
Although the A1200 is an entirely 32 bit machine, the 68EC020 processor has only 24 bit address space (16 MB) besides its 32 bit data path.
This allows 8 MB for Fast RAM expansion which can be added either via a PCMCIA card or via the trapdoor expansion slot. Further expansion of the Fast RAM requires the use of a processor card.

Custom chips
Alice - AGA display controller,
Lisa - AGA display encoder,
Paula - audio and I/O controller,
Gayle - system address decoder and IDE controller,
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